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Posts tagged ‘Seasonings’

All Foodies Go to Spice Heaven | DIY Spice Drawer

My friend Alice is a huge foodie. She always has a story about a delicious dish she has just “whipped up.” Alice’s love of cooking started at an early age. She told me that she used to make one meal a week for her family. On one occasion she made an orange sorbet and served it in hollowed-out oranges. Did I mention she was 12 at the time? Here she shares her wonderfully organized spice drawer she created, which optimizes her kitchen space while providing every spice she needs to create her wonderful dishes.

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Spice up your life | DIY Kitchen Spice Rack

We have a small kitchen at our house where every nook, cranny and drawer is carefully utilized. When I noticed that our spice drawer was starting to overflow into a second drawer, I started to consider our alternatives. I had seen the wall mounted spice racks before but they were built for 9 or 12 canisters and were too small for the area I had available. I wanted something that would fill the space and carry a decent amount of spices. So I decided to create a spice rack of my own. It turned out to be an easy, affordable way to add some spice (and colour) to my kitchen!

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