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Clutch Purse | DIY Sewing

I was preparing to go out to a concert last week and, searching for a purse, I realized they were all too bulky to hold for 2 hours, or too small to contain my phone, keys, lipstick, etc. With a couple of hours before I had to pick the kids up from school, I decided to whip up a cool clutch. Easy to make but good looking, this clutch can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns. It all depends on the size of zipper you have and your own personal style.

Submitted by: Jodi

Total Time Required: 1/2 hour – hour, depending on your sewing speed.

Project Costs: about $5 unless, like me, you already have everything in your huge cache of sewing materials and accessories.

Materials and Tools Required: 

– sewing machine

– thread

– zipper

– material

– Bedazzler and studs (optional)



Because I was wearing burgundy pants, naturally I wanted a purse to match. Luckily, I had some leftover burgundy material, and a complementary patterned material. I also had the zipper and the thread, so it was quite easy to make a quick purse. And, if you’re as fah-bulous as I, you already own a Bedazzler. If not, get on Ebay and acquire one!!

  • First, I found a zipper that I thought would be the perfect size for a purse, and I cut two pieces of material the width of the zipper + and inch or two, and the length I wanted the purse x 2. I chose two complementary pieces of material (one burgundy, one brocade), but you can choose the same material if you so desire.
  • I got out the Bedazzler, dusted it off, and added some studs to one of the pieces of material – the piece that will face outwards, towards the public.
  • I put the right side of the material to the top edge of the zipper, pinned and sewed straight across, as close to the teeth as possible.
  • I then put the right side of the other piece of material to the top edge of the zipper on the other side, pinned and sewed straight across, same as above.Clutch 1
  • I had a zipper sewn in the middle of two pieces of material! I unzipped the zipper, and pinned the sides and bottom of the purse material, right sides together.
  • My next step was to sew around the sides and bottom of the purse, in a “u” shape, or an open rectangle. I sewed three times around, with the 3rd time being a zigzag stitch. As it’s a purse, I may carry a lot of stuff in there and I don’t want it to fall out because of shoddy workmanship.Clutch 2
  • I pushed the material through the open zipper, poking out the corners, and I had myself a purse!
  • Unzip, throw your stuff in, fold over, and it’s one clutch, to go!IMAG0216
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