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Twiggy Flower Power | Backyard Decor

Here’s a fun and easy way to jazz up your backyard patio. I saw this at a flower store and knew it would be one of those hugely rewarding, super simple and cheap projects. Simply go twig hunting in the park with your kids. Chop up the twigs, build a nest, spray paint, and pop in a plant or flower (I added lavender). Enjoy!

Submitted by: Liesbeth

Total Work Time Required: 2 hours max

Total Project Time Required (drying of glue and paint): 2 days max

Project Costs: $10 (excluding plant) for wood glue and spray paint

Materials & Tools Required

  • twigs, at least 30
  • edge clippers
  • wood glue
  • white spray paint

details nest

Project Tutorial

Step 1: Collect twigs (with or without kids). You could be done in 5 minutes by walking into a park, or you would be surprised what one can find on the sidewalk after a windy night.

Step 2: With hedge clippers, cut your twigs up into pieces of 4-7 inches. They do not have to all be exactly the same size.

Step 3: This is the part that is going to take the most time. Build your nest step-by-step by putting a little bit of wood glue on the bottom of a twig and placing crossed over another one. It is a “freestyle puzzle” so I cannot tell you exactly how to do it. Just pour yourself a glass of wine, have some patience and build your nest twig by twig like a mama bird.

Step 4: Let glue dry (overnight ideally to make sure your nest is solid) and spray-paint outside in a not-windy place (place nest on old newspapers as you really don’t want to get the spray paint all over your driveway or backyard). Most spray paints are quick-dry and would be ready in an hour. I reco to let fully set for 24 hours before fiddling around with your nest too much.

Step 5: place your flower/plant of choice in your nest and your arrangement is ready to enjoy!

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