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DIY White Custom Shoe Tray

Sandy shoes and flipflops were lining the entrance of our beach cottage creating a messy little corner in my otherwise perfect space. I do not like the usual plastic trays used in winter time and only found one alternative; a small overpriced metal tray. Not being scared of a bit of sawing and hammering, I decided to create a custom tray that suited my cottage.

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And One Becomes Two | Simple Sewing

I’ve been so bored with clothes in stores lately that I’ve decided I’m going to try something radical. I’m going to forego stores and look in my closet for clothes to revamp. I have bags of clothes that need a tweak here or there, or looked interesting when I got them but just didn’t work. Gaining my inspiration from Pretty in Pink, I’m going to get out the scissors and sewing machine and create new looks from old (although I have to admit – that prom dress was pretty fugly).

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Trailer Bathroom make-over

Last year we bought a brand new trailer, but they only seem to come with “dead ugly” wallpaper . Room by room, I have unleashed my inner DIY tiger to slaughter the ugly. This post showcases the bathroom, and more rooms will be posted soon.

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From Junk to Funk: Kid’s Desk

Now that the weather’s warm, it seems that ’tis the season to dump your old furniture by the side of the road. What others may judge an eyesore, I register as a bonanza! So many eclectic pieces – so many trips to the hardware store. With a little “spit and polish” many of these items can be restored to “better-than-new” status.

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