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DIY Wool dryer balls

Laundry is a never ending chore. As a result, we use a never ending amount of laundry soap and fabric softener.  These super-simple to make dryer balls are a pretty, eco-friendly and customizable alternative to fabric softener. Get your kids involved in this one – it’s so easy!

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Butterfly Art | Birthday Decor & Craft

Last spring, I was looking for a craft to do with my then 3-year old Robin. We decided to make large  painted butterflies and I thought it would be fun to hang them off the ceiling in her bedroom. While the crafting went very well, when it came time to hang the butterflies, Robin freaked out and was terrified of having them hang from the ceiling. They seemed too pretty to just throw out so I stuck them in the cupboard hoping to use them at some point later. Fast forward 6 months to October  – in the midst of planning a co-birthday party with her friend, I remembered the butterflies and they turned out to be great party decor. They also would have been a great birthday party or play date craft.

By: Kimberly
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Easter Egg Paper Art ∣ Wall Decor

I have piles of empty picture frames sitting around my house. I’m not talking one or two…more like 12-15 split over several rooms. My intentions were good when I first purchased them but then “stuff” got in the way. So, to appease my husband and perhaps my cleaning lady too, I decided to try an Easter craft that would help get a few of these frames off the floor (albeit temporarily) and onto the walls.

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No-sew Fabric Easter Eggs

We have decided to forgo the usual dyed Easter eggs this year, for something a little less messy, and a little more permanent.

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