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Weird Science | DIY Experiments for Kids

As summer is drawing to a close and school looms nearer, I’m thinking that I should get the kids into “learning” mode. It’s been a lazy, hazy seven weeks of camp, camping, sleepovers and sleeping in but it’s time to start getting those brains back in gear.

I gathered a few kids and a bunch of readily available household materials got to work, doing experiments and having fun!

By: Jodi

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Make your own Caterpillar Family | Kid’s Crafts

Robin wasn’t feeling well so stayed home from camp a few weeks ago. By lunch time she was feeling good again (of course) and was looking for something to do to keep busy for the afternoon. I honestly can’t remember who came up with this idea, her or I, but either way we decided we wanted to make a family of caterpillars (maybe we saw a caterpillar outside or on T.V.?). This is an old-school craft that I can remember doing as a kid. I’m sure it’s all over the web, but here’s our take on it.

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Trailer Reno | Nightstand make-over

Having completed the trailer bathroom, it was time to tackle the bedroom. I was determined to use the brand new, but uuuuuugly nightstands. It is amazing what can be done with a vision, some paint, a vintage handle and a box of old wooden shims (see also my sidetable post using the same old shims). Looking at the before and after shots I am pleased…

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Roll Flute | Easy Kid’s Craft

During these lazy, hazy days of summer, there are times when the wee ones get a bit restless. Then, it’s time to get creative! I looked around the house and grabbed a few household items to make some simple instruments. Family band time!

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