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From Vintage Printer’s Tray to Advent Calendar

On very rare occasion do you find something by the side of the road that makes your heart skip a beat. This was one of those occasions. Who would toss a vintage printer’s tray to the curb? And when I noticed it had 24 sections my heart almost stopped. ADVENT CALENDAR!!  Thank you DIY gods for throwing this in my path.

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Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame is back.  No, really. No. REALLY.  The word “macrame” brings to mind dusty, beaded rope-owls hanging on wood paneling, but like any good craft, it’s being re-invented. Modern wall-hangings, jewelery and plant hangers are popping up everywhere using macrame techniques. This plant hanger is a quick and easy entry-level macrame project anyone can whip up.

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Looped Cord Necklace

I love lots of glitter and flash as much as the next girl, but I also have a soft spot for carefully crafted, minimal pieces of jewelry. I recently had literally 20 minutes to attempt trying on an entire Cos shop on a business trip and, as I ran by the accessories, I drooled over their striking yet minimal statement necklaces. Unfortunately in the few minutes I had, snap decisions had to be made and I regretted walking away from this piece. Plus, let’s face it, the Euro is not so kind on the exchange. Here’s my spin on the one (plastic tube necklace) that got away.

By: Tracy

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Driftwood Coat Hanger

No matter how hard we try, Mother Nature still beats us at creating the most lovely pieces. Jan is one of those people who realized it and works with it. This time: a  fantastic cottage feature made of driftwood – as decorative as it is functional. Thanks for sharing again Jan, we love your work.

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