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Festive Wooden Garland

I was recently inspired to make my own wooden garland (which means, I saw one in a store and thought to myself “hey, I can just make that”). I enlisted the help of my super-handy sister and her saw and drills. A few hours later we both had festive garlands to add to our holiday decor. This would also make a great gift!

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Paper Holiday Garland

Here is an easy and cheap way to add some holiday colour to your home and your tree this season.

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Papercrafts for All

If you are a crazy sentimentalist like me, who cannot throw away a card, you will have amassed a great number of cards over the years. Here are a couple of ideas for using those cards in a decorative manner.

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Paper Reindeer Heads

What better animal than a reindeer to represent Christmas?  Customizing paper reindeer heads for your wall is the perfect project for anyone looking for a fun and pretty Christmas craft.

By: Dana

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