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COWABUNGA! Ninja Turtles Birthday Party

My favourite DIY moment of the year remains my kid’s Bday. He gets so excited about our themes that it is well worth it. For #4: Ninja Turtles. It’s a great theme to work with as the turtle face lends itself to so many applications and the color scheme is easy and festive (green, blue, purple, red, orange).

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Bike Seat Bum Warmer

My husband has big plans to push through this winter cold while still biking to work. He hates the crowded TTC commute in the morning and much prefers a trek along the rail path. I bought him some warm gloves and a face mask for Christmas, but realized that his leather seat would be pretty chilly on the posterior. So I decided to remedy that with a quick and relatively easy, trial-and-error construction of a bike seat cover.

By: Jodi

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Best Tested Pinterest ideas

Ah Pinterest, how would I survive without you?  Pinterest is now my go-to site when I’m looking for creative inspiration, a recipe or how to D.I.Y almost anything.  Unfortunately, with the popularity of Pinterest and the sheer number of pins out there, it’s hard to know whether some of those pretty pictures lead to quality information, or pipe dreams.  Here’s a round-up of ideas I found on Pinterest that I have actually tried and would recommend.

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8 things to sew for kids in 2015!

The holidays are over, and all you fellow DIY’ers have given out all your lovely handmade gifts. So why not move on to thinking about a few projects for the new year?

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