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Build Your Own Leaf Composter

Forget the lawn bags. Save all those fallen leaves and transform them into compost! Your garden will love you for it and reward you in the most delicious way. A big thank you to Janet O. for her latest contribution to The Motherboards!

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Bookcase Crates

Pokemon cards, LEGO pieces, Star Wars characters, Beanie Boos, games, mini cars….the list goes on and on!!! These were the toys that my son would leave littered all over the floor every single day. And these were the toys that I would PICK UP every single day! They needed a home, so I decided to make one! I liked the look of crates and found a few options in local stores, but I could build the same thing for a fraction of the cost, so I did!

By: Dana

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Leftover Halloween Candy Bark

If you’re anything like me, you “accidentally” bought too much Halloween candy and still have loads leftover. And while I know the last thing on your mind is even more sweets, this leftover Halloween candy bark makes a great host/hostess gift as we get into entertaining season.

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Metallic Tartan Glass

Two things I’m currently obsessed with: metallic anything and tartan. And spray paint! Plaid is a classic fall pattern, and it’s popping up everywhere lately; metallic-finishes, especially gold, are so on-trend. Why not add a touch of these two looks to your decor with this easy paint project?

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