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Hallowe’en Eyeball Wreath

Finally, the best time of the year has almost arrived. What could be more appropriate at Hallowe’en than an eyeball wreath? This is an extremely simple project with very few items required.

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Paper Holiday Wreath

I love decorating for  holidays, but one thing we haven’t had in a while was a Christmas wreath. We used to buy fresh greenery to hang on our door, but I decided this year I’d try something more lasting by crafting my own. I love working with paper, and since our style of door is tricky to hang anything on, something delicate would work just inside our entryway.  Feel free to play with colour and texture: a mix of red and cream poinsettias with green leaves would be lovely, and I used a paper with a slight texture on one side. An all white version like this could even stay up all year.  Despite its availability and relatively low cost, paper can seem like an intimidating medium, but if you choose a sturdy heavier stock like I did, it’s pretty durable and easier to keep for future use.

By: Tracy
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Woodland Critter Wreath

Some of my favourite holiday memories involve huddling around the crackling fire on Christmas Eve, nibbling on cheese and sipping eggnog. My parents both grew up in Quebec and, although they’re both Anglophones, a certain element of the French culture has always been woven into our holiday gatherings.  Like tourtière and Christmas Eve being a big thing.  I spent most of my Christmases out in rural Quebec at my grandparents’ farm and they always had an abundance of little Christmas critters decking the halls. This is my little ode to them.

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I’m a Drifter | Driftwood Wreath

This one is a DIY project that gave me great joy. Usually getting the supplies is just a task. In the case of my driftwood wreath it involved combing the beach of my beloved Sherkston shores around sunset, together with my little 3-year-old helper. Putting it together a few months later involved jazz music, a bottle of wine and my fave partner in DIY crime: mr. drill. Kid in bed and husband away on business. Me just DIY humming…

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