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Hallowe’en Eyeball Wreath

Finally, the best time of the year has almost arrived. What could be more appropriate at Hallowe’en than an eyeball wreath? This is an extremely simple project with very few items required.

By: Colleen Seto

If you are looking for an easy project for kids to do, you could have them make a wreath by painting a paper plate (with the centre cut out) black and glue googly eyes to it.

Required Items

  • A wreath. I was lucky enough to find a black one, but you could always spray paint an old Christmas wreath black.Required Items
  • Eyeballs. I got these from the dollar store. They are basically ping pong balls with eyeballs painted on….so if you are desperate, give that a try!

    fabulous eyeballs from the dollar store

    fabulous eyeballs from the dollar store

  • Wire
  • Something to poke a tiny whole in the eyeballs (I used a small seam ripper)
  • Orange ribbon, if desired

Step 1. If your wreath is not black, spray paint it black. Let dry before moving to step 2.

Step 2. Poke holes into the back of each eyeball.

Step 3. I couldn’t find a perfect way to attach the wire to the eyeball, so I just shoved a bunch of the wire into the hole in the eyeball until it kinked so much inside that it couldn’t come back out!

Push a bunch of wire into the eyeball.

Push a bunch of wire into the eyeball.

Step 4. Wrap the wire around the wreath to secure the eyeball onto the wreath.

Step 5. Once you have attached all the eyeballs, you might want to wrap some ribbon around the wreath. I found some weird, sproingy, orange stuff (again, from the dollar store) to enhance my wreath!

Step 6. Terrify your neighbours with your wreath full of eyeballs.

Are you afraid?

Are you afraid?

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