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Posts tagged ‘Wool’

Pom Pom Creations | DIY Kids Activities

This year, my son Cole has become very interested in making pom poms. This past summer, we got my daughter Calla interested as well and we spent an entire afternoon at the cottage making some giant ones, but smaller pom poms are achievable in much less time. This is also a great activity for a rainy fall day.

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Sweater to Leg Warmer Upcycle

If you pulled out your old, wool sweater for Winter and found that the moths had a go at it, no worries! Just upcycle it into a pair of cozy warm, fashionable leg warmers.

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DIY Wool dryer balls

Laundry is a never ending chore. As a result, we use a never ending amount of laundry soap and fabric softener.  These super-simple to make dryer balls are a pretty, eco-friendly and customizable alternative to fabric softener. Get your kids involved in this one – it’s so easy!

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