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Posts tagged ‘Retro’

DIY Canada Day T-Shirts

This spring we took the kids on a family vacation to Paris. While on this trip we did a scavenger hunt at the Louvre where we competed against other families. So I designed us some team uniforms. But they are easily adaptable for Canada day.

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Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame is back.  No, really. No. REALLY.  The word “macrame” brings to mind dusty, beaded rope-owls hanging on wood paneling, but like any good craft, it’s being re-invented. Modern wall-hangings, jewelery and plant hangers are popping up everywhere using macrame techniques. This plant hanger is a quick and easy entry-level macrame project anyone can whip up.

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The Kitchen Hub | DIY Chalkboard Wall

“Organized” is not a word that springs to anyone’s mind when describing me in high school, and that was when I was only running my own life. Now, with two small children who have different classes and after-school activities, my husband’s job, sports and social activities, along with trying to start my own business, organization is my saviour! Read more