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Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame is back.  No, really. No. REALLY.  The word “macrame” brings to mind dusty, beaded rope-owls hanging on wood paneling, but like any good craft, it’s being re-invented. Modern wall-hangings, jewelery and plant hangers are popping up everywhere using macrame techniques. This plant hanger is a quick and easy entry-level macrame project anyone can whip up.

By: Julia

Total time required: 30 minutes

Project costs: $3 – $20 depending on choice of materials.

Materials and tools required:


– Approximately 20 m/22 yd yarn, rope or macrame cord. I used Patons Classic Wool Bulky 100% wool yarn available at, Michaels craft stores and others.

– scissors

– Approximately 5 cm/2″ diameter metal or wooden ring. I used a simple keychain ring, but craft stores sell rings of various sizes in the jewellery or yarn department like these.

– Tape or push pin

– Table or cardboard/pin-able work surface. I used a cork board lying on a table.

– 2 hands (manicure preferred, but not necessary)


This project requires only 2 techniques: The gathering wrap and the square knot.  Both are fairly simple to execute and I’ll walk you through it step by step.

Step 1
Cut 6 strands of yarn approximately 3 m/10 ft long. Thread all strands through your ring, then fold strands in half and bringing the ends even. Tape or pin your ring to your work surface.Step1

Step 2
Tie all strands together close to your ring by working a gathering wrap:
• Cut a length of yarn for your gathering strand 18” [45.5 cm] long (shown in contrast colour for visibility).
• Form a loop of approximately 10 cm/4″ at one end of your gathering strand and place this loop under all 12 strands to be wrapped, just under your ring.

•  Draw the ends of the gathering strand through the loop and pull tightly.  There should be one shortie end and one longy end to your gathering strand.

• Make a loop with the shortie end and hold it parallel to the strands you are wrapping with the free end at the bottom.


•Working bottom to top, wrap the longy end of gathering strand around all your strands as well as the loop, keeping the free end of the shortie end unwrapped at the base.


• Thread the top longy end of your gathering strand through the top loop (forgive the blur).

• Pull down on the end of gathering strand at the bottom of your wrap, pulling the loop end inside the wrap.


• Trim the ends close to your wrap


Ta-da!  You’ve made a gathering wrap!


Step 3
Divide your 12 strands of yarn into 3 groups of 4 strands. Tie each group with a square knot approximately 15 cm/6″ down from your gathering cord.

A Square Knot is made like so:
• Lay strand on far left side over the centre two strands, and under the strand on far right side.

• Bring strand on far right side under the centre two strands, then up through the loop created by the strand on far left side.  Pull gently.

SquareKnotStep2a SquareKnotStep2

• Now flip it and reverse it! Take the strand on the far right over the center two strands, and under the strand on the far left.


• Then bring the strand on the far left side under the center two strands and up through the loop created by the strand on the far left side. Pull gently to complete the knot.

SquareKnotStep4 SquareKnotStep5

• That’s it! Your square knot is complete and now we’re just going to strategically repeat that knot to create some plant-hanger magic.

• Don’t forget to work another square knot 15 cm/6″ down from your gathering wrap on each of the remaining 2 groups of 4 strands!

Step 4

• On each group, rearrange your strands by bringing the two outside strands (the ones used to tie the previous knot) to the inside, and the inside strands to the outside.

Macrame insider tip! This step may seem unnecessary, but by alternating which strands you use to tie your knots you help ensure your strands will stay relatively the same length.


Step 5

• Tie each group with a square knot as before 15 cm /6 down from the previous knot. Don’t sweat it if the spacing isn’t perfect!

Step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5.  You should now have 3 knots on each group of 4 strands.


Step 7

Let’s mingle! Those strands have been keeping to their little groups for too long.  It’s time to mingle. First, let’s give them some names: Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 (Hey, I didn’t say they’d be good names).


• Take the 2 strands on the right from group 1 and the 2 strands on the left from group 2 and make yourself a brand new group!

• Tie one square knot 15 cm/6″ down from the last knot in each of these 2 new groups.

Step 8

• Bring the 2 remaining strands from group 1 and group 3 together to create a 3rd new group.

• Tie one square knot 15 cm/6″ down from the last knot in this new group. You have now joined the work in the ring which will surround the plant pot.


Step 9

Mingle some more! Repeat Steps 7 and 8, creating 3 new groups and tying 1 square knot in each new group 15 cm/6″ down from previous knot.

Step 10

We’re at the finish line!

• Tie another gathering knot  approx. 10 cm/4″ down from last group of knots. Be sure to work this one tightly, as it will sit below your plant pot and need to bear its weight.

• Trim the remaining strands to your desired fringe length.  If it strikes your fancy, unravel the plies of yarn to create a wavy fringe.


Step 11

Stick a plant in it!

Macrame insider tip!  It takes a little fenangling to get a plant pot in the right place. Test it out with an empty pot first to avoid potting soil on your nice, clean floor.


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