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Littlest Pet Shop | Birthday Food & Drinks

LPS_Party_Food_1 LPS_Party_Drinks

With the Littlest Pet Shop  invitations gone and and the decorations finished (see earlier posts: Invitations and Decorations) all that remained to do was sort out the snacks, drinks and cake. For the snacks  and cupcakes the kids and I made toppers. I simply downloaded LPS characters, created name badges for the food such as “Bird Food” and “Mouse nibbles” and toppers for the cupcakes. We cut them out and glued them to to sucker sticks and toothpicks, respectively.

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Littlest Pet Shop | Birthday Decorations

The invitations went out (see earlier post) and the results were in. Twelve little girls would be attending Calla’s Littlest Pet Shop party. It was time to roll up my sleeves and start getting our house party-ready!  We needed loot bags, decorations, games and food! Lucky for me, I had two pea-sized helpers to give me a hand and make it that much more rewarding.

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Littlest Pet Shop | Birthday Invitations

My daughter has, over the past year, eased herself out of princesses and into horses, Littlest Pet Shop and Lego. This year’s birthday theme was to be Littlest Pet Shop. Having looked at what was available to purchase, the DIY’er in me decided I could do better. Starting with the invitations, I brainstormed what these could be and settled on dog bone-shaped cookies.

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