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Littlest Pet Shop | Birthday Food & Drinks

LPS_Party_Food_1 LPS_Party_Drinks

With the Littlest Pet Shop  invitations gone and and the decorations finished (see earlier posts: Invitations and Decorations) all that remained to do was sort out the snacks, drinks and cake. For the snacks  and cupcakes the kids and I made toppers. I simply downloaded LPS characters, created name badges for the food such as “Bird Food” and “Mouse nibbles” and toppers for the cupcakes. We cut them out and glued them to to sucker sticks and toothpicks, respectively.

By: Janet

LPS Fondant Cake: 

This was my first attempt at a fondant cake and I was quite pleased with the results. After speaking with my friend Deidre (a self taught cake maker) about what I wanted to do she had some great suggestions. First and foremost, watch this “how to” video put out by Sweet Wise, it was excellent at giving novices such as my self lots of great tips on how to work with fondant.

Tip 1: I purchased white fondant from Michaels and used the Wilton food colouring to make it the colours I wanted. However, if you are short on time you can purchase it already coloured from most gourmet kitchen shops.

Tip 2: I couldn’t find circular cookie cutters anywhere so I used a shot glass and the lid from my food colouring to make the circles.

Tip 3: Since this was my first cake and I know that kids love toys I simply purchased an LPS set from Toys R Us to top my cake with. My daughter loved it and it saved me lots of time!

Milk Bottle Drinks: 

I first came across a similar idea on Pintrest when doing visual research for my son’s birthday party and fell in love with it. They used apple juice bottles, but when I went to the grocery store (several actually) all I could find were plastic apple juice bottles. I was disappointed, to say the least. Anyway, when I found these at West Elm I practically pounced on them. I love that they are reuseable for parties. No more throwing out plastic cups into our garbage!

Materials and Tools Required: 

$9.95 Small pad of assorted scrapbooking paper, 4.75″ x 6.75″  at  Michaels (purchased previously for the loot bags and hanging flags)

$16.00 Pink Bakers Twine from online supply store Greenmunch (purchased previously for my birthday invites and hanging flags)

$4.50 Paper Straws from online supply store Greenmunch

$24.00 Set of 6 milk bottles from West Elm


Craft knife

Metal ruler with cork backing (if using craft knife)

Cutting Mat

Hole Punch


Typeset every person’s name and, using your metal ruler and cutting mat, cut out approx. 1.5″ x .5″. Cut out a larger rectangle from your scrap book paper, I trimmed the top two corners to give it more of a tag look. I love mixing and matching the patterns, but you can make them all the same for a more formal look. Make sure you leave enough room to hole punch at one end. Finally I used the bakers twine to tie each one to its own bottle.

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