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Rail of Fame | Kid’s Artwork Display

We return to our very first post on this look back at the beginnings of The Motherboards!

A fun project to organize the mess in your kid’s room. And to showcase his burgeoning artistic talent! Read more

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Share Your Talents! Here’s your chance to show the world how crafty you are. If you have a great idea for a craft, are handy with D.I.Y, or throw an amazing party, post your achievement on and share your talents with an audience of eager creative types. Impress your friends! Showcase your skills! Build your published portfolio! And become a part of the motherboards community.

Please send your submission to: the and include the photos of your project in your email.

What to submit?

Make sure you submit a photo or multiple photos of your project (keep each image under 2 MB please!) and a brief description. And be sure to include a line or two about yourself. We want to give credit where credit is due! All other information is up to you. You can share a complete step-by-step on how you produced your masterpiece or keep it short and sweet and leave it at a snapshot and a description.

We’d love to hear from you, see your creations and share the DIY love on our site.

Superhero Potty-Training Reward Chart

Bribery. An ancient tool which has claimed results from the beginning of times. These days we call it “an incentive scheme” or “rewards system.” A reward system works on many toddler occasions. It is particularly helpful for potty training, making this often tough transition fun and rewarding. My boy loves superheroes (surprise) so I made him his own potty training poster. And with the help of Superman, Batman, a couple of pieces of chocolate and “the big prize,” my little Super Liam ditched his diapers and changed into underwear (Spiderman underwear, of course).

note; this poster is very “boy” so with enough requests from moms / dads of toddler girls, I will be happy to create a princess or Dora version. Just say the word (through comments on this blog post or our Facebook site)

By: Liesbeth Read more

Rail Riding Change Pad

If you’re like us, there are so many things taking up space in the baby’s room (all those toys from Grandma, more clothes than me and my husband combined) that we’re constantly searching for storage solutions. And a change table is such a bulky, big, space-waster. This space-saving, light-weight change pad shelf from Janet is built to fit over crib rails. It fits a standard change pad and also makes a fun hiding spot for crib playtime!

Submitted By: Janet Oswald

Read more