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DIY Gold Lace Vase

I completely recognize that gold and silver take turns being the ‘metal of choice’ in the design world…but for the time being, I am totally enamoured with all things gold + brass.

That said, I don’t want to necessarily invest in lots of expensive gold decor for my house knowing that I might want to change it up again down the road.

This DIY gold lace vase was not only easy and quick to do, but cost me less than $10. And hasn’t left my brass+glass coffee table (found at a salvage store for $25!) since I finished it…

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DIY Pineapple Art

I recently painted our master bedroom a new colour (from blue to dark grey) and was in need of something fresh for the wall. With a limited (okay, non-existent) budget for artwork, I had to get creative and come up with something using what I already had on hand.

And so, I give you my hand-painted pineapple art.

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Peacock Costume for dreamy girls

This was the first year (in four years) that my daughter didn’t ask to be a princess. Where did her mind go next? A peacock of course! Challenge accepted. The problem: Design a costume that allows the flexibility to sit down all day in class, play freely at recess and be warm enough for night time trick-or-treating. The solution: Design tights and a body suit that allowed for another layer underneath, create a hood on the body suit for extra warmth.

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