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DIY Pineapple Art

I recently painted our master bedroom a new colour (from blue to dark grey) and was in need of something fresh for the wall. With a limited (okay, non-existent) budget for artwork, I had to get creative and come up with something using what I already had on hand.

And so, I give you my hand-painted pineapple art.

By: Kimberly

Here’s what you need to do to make your own “simple shape” art:

Step 1: Search online for a traceable shape. You don’t have to use a pineapple like I did. Other ideas would be; feathers, leaves, flowers, other fruit, or an object like a camera, bicycle, spoon, fork… you get the idea! This would also be cute for a kids room using a car, truck, butterfly or something kid-friendly. You just need something that is simple and bold and will give you a nice outline or silhouette of your desired object.  Here is a link to the pineapple shape that I used. 

DIY Pineapple Art | The Motherboards-1

Step 2: Ensure your shape fits your frame

DIY Pineapple Art | The Motherboards-2

Step 3: Choose a paper you like – I have a pad of nice paper from Target with a few different textures and weights to choose from. I chose one that I could still see my pineapple shape through. Then choose a paint colour. I already have tons of acrylic paints from Dollarama.

DIY Pineapple Art | The Motherboards-3

Step 4: Because I could see my shape through the paper, I was able to attach it to the back with tape and I painted the outline. If your paper is not see-through, then I would suggest cutting out your shape and using it as a stencil. That was my plan B if this hadn’t worked.

DIY Pineapple Art | The Motherboards-4

Step 5: Paint, let dry and paint a second coat

DIY Pineapple Art | The Motherboards-5 DIY Pineapple Art | The Motherboards-6 DIY Pineapple Art | The Motherboards-7

Step 6: Hang in a frame (I already had this one on-hand from Target)DIY Pineapple Art | The Motherboards-8 DIY Pineapple Art | The Motherboards-10

And here it is. I have more to hang up on the walls but this is a good start. And in case you are wondering, the paint colour is Benjamin Moore Steel Wool.

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