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DIY Gold Lace Vase

I completely recognize that gold and silver take turns being the ‘metal of choice’ in the design world…but for the time being, I am totally enamoured with all things gold + brass.

That said, I don’t want to necessarily invest in lots of expensive gold decor for my house knowing that I might want to change it up again down the road.

This DIY gold lace vase was not only easy and quick to do, but cost me less than $10. And hasn’t left my brass+glass coffee table (found at a salvage store for $25!) since I finished it…

By: Jessica


  • One vase — can be any type of vase, really, but this gorgeous metal lace vase from IKEA looks way more expensive than the $3.99 I paid for it
  • Gold spray paint – make sure to get one that can be used on metal (or whatever surface your vase is made of)
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Newspaper or drop cloth


Step 1: The first thing you need to do is lightly sand (by hand) the outside of your vase — you only need to sand the part of the vase that you’ll be painting. This step helps the paint stick — otherwise (as happened to me the first time), your spray paint will just run down the side of the vase. When you’re done, wipe down your vase to remove any dust from sanding.

Step 2: Decide which parts of your vase you’re going to paint and which parts you want to keep paint-free. For my project, I wanted to keep the lace part unpainted. Take painter’s tape and cover up the lace parts — outside and inside the vase.


Step 3: Time to paint! On your newspaper or drop cloth, set down your vase and spray even strokes — not too fast, not too slow — all around the outside of your vase – no need to spray the bottom. You want to ensure even coverage, but if you spray too long in one section, the paint will start to pool and streak. If you have a steady hand you can hold the vase with your hand inside of it, turning and spraying with the other hand.


Step 4: Let it dry. Follow the directions on the paint can, but if you can resist touching it for 24 hours, you’ll definitely be in good shape.


If you didn’t love gold before…don’t you now?


IMG_0915 IMG_0911 IMG_0918

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