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Simple DIY Pocket Square | Sewing

Sometimes you have a shirt that, for whatever reason (collar and cuff frays, etc.), cannot be passed along to Goodwill, but still has some life in the material. If your husband (brother, friend, neighbour) is a dandy like mine, they’ll appreciate it when you transform that garbage-bound shirt into a dashing pocket square.

By: Jodi
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Snuggly Tube Scarf | Easy Sew Project

It has been a cooooooold winter. And the blowing snow can get into all your little nooks and crannies. This scarf/head cover is perfect for keeping your head, neck and chest snuggly warm.

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Get Featured on the Motherboards!

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Share Your Talents! Here’s your chance to show the world how crafty you are. If you have a great idea for a craft, are handy with D.I.Y, or throw an amazing party, post your achievement on and share your talents with an audience of eager creative types. Impress your friends! Showcase your skills! Build your published portfolio! And become a part of the motherboards community.

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Spa in a Grocery Bag | DIY Bath and Body Products

Summer’s over, and it’s been crazy. So, to start the school year off right, I needed some rejuvenation. As it’s not always cost- or time-effective to hit a day spa, I thought I’d make a quick run to the grocery store and create my own simple products to replicate a relaxing day at the spa. There are SO many options for d.i.y. face masks and hair treatments, I could fill an entire website. But I’m starting here with the basics. Perhaps I’ll do another post some time in the future with further suggestions for a spa-in-a-grocery-bag.

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