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Posts tagged ‘Easter Craft’

DIY Easter Egg Decor | Kid’s Craft

I was inspired by two things for this project. First, these adorable (but expensive!) ceramic egg decorations I saw hanging on a chandelier in a store window. Second, I was in need of an Easter craft for Robin (my two-year old), and I didn’t want to spend any money.

When I started out, I planned to use scrapbook paper and thread to create the hanging eggs. After realizing that my scrapbook paper was buried at the back of a closet with 4 heavy bins of clothes in front of it, I switched to the only other paper I had on hand — pastel coloured newsprint from the dollar store. And after realizing that I do not own thread, I switched to ribbon (left over from… you guessed it, scrapbooking!). And it all worked out perfectly in the end.  The point being, you could use anything and everything for a project like this and adjust it based on your child’s age and skill level…so get creative!

It’s not the beautiful display window that first piqued my interest (oh Pottery Barn, how I do love your holiday displays…), however Robin is thrilled to have her painted eggs on display which gives it way more meaning than anything I could purchase. I will also be telling my husband to note that there is NO charge from Pottery Barn on the credit card this month. It’s a win-win solution for all 🙂

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Baskets and Bunnies | DIY Easter Basket

It’s almost that time of year. Chicks, bunnies, eggs and, for me, tons of chocolate. We usually get the family over for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Last year we had 3 toddlers and a newborn in the hunting troupe. I decided to make some fun little baskets and, for the newborn, a bunny to match. Needless to say, I scored some mega family brownie points! Read more