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Posts from the ‘Hallowe’en’ Category

Ghosts-on-a-stick | Halloween Decoration

Hallowe’en is almost over for another year, but I wanted to add to the spookiness of our lawn before the Trick-or-Treaters arrive. Some might say that the un-mowed grass is scary enough, but I think that what it needs is…ghosts!

This crafty decoration is easy enough for even the youngest kids. You’ll just have to help out with a few things, but they can create the creepy, scary, ghostly faces!

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DIY Spider Web | Halloween Decoration

This Hallowe’en, I’ve been on the lookout for crafts/decorations that Robin, at age 3, can help me with. Inspired by the window display of Pottery Barn, we decided to make our own spooky spider webs.

You might just have everything on-hand to make this creepy, crawly Hallowe’en decoration. And if not, a quick trip to Walmart or the dollar store and you’ll be set.

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1 Hour Pumpkin Costume | Halloween for babies

This is an easy sewing project, even if you are a novice. It took me less than an hour (after materials were sourced) and the results are fabulous! Who doesn’t love a baby in a pumpkin costume and I guarantee you will get back in loot what you spent on the costume. Happy Sewing!

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Toy Story Woody | Halloween Costume

I have to agree with my son that Toy Story is the best movie EVER!  As per annual tradition, we are going to bang those doors as a duo (1st year as monster & witch, 2nd year as Nemo & diver), and he has decided it’s Woody & Jesse. “Score!” I thought, as a cowboy costume is going to be a cakewalk compared to my Nemo challenge last year.

Hat, boots, jeans, belt are all readily available (psssst: $2 cowboy hats at Dollarama must be the best deal around!), but the shirt, vest and gunholster provided enough opportunity for creation.

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