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Posts from the ‘Decorating and Accessories’ Category

From Vintage Printer’s Tray to Advent Calendar

Another fabulous Advent Calendar idea from the wonderful mind of Liesbeth. Read more

Garden Implement Jewelry Holder

All my necklaces were hidden away in a dark drawer and I had to poke through a bunch of boxes to find one I wanted to wear. Fortuitously, my rake broke and I thought, “hmmm……”

By: Jodi

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Beach Cottage Frame dress-up

Looking for a half hour, 2 dollar project to add some beach charm to home or cottage? If yes, then this is the post for you.

By: Liesbeth
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Breathe New Life into Your Glass Jars

Looking for a cool way to re-use glass jars?  This is a fun and easy activity that breathes new life into used glass bottles and jars headed for the recycling bin.  All you need is a small amount of house paint!

By: Steph White

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