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Breathe New Life into Your Glass Jars

Looking for a cool way to re-use glass jars?  This is a fun and easy activity that breathes new life into used glass bottles and jars headed for the recycling bin.  All you need is a small amount of house paint!

By: Steph White

  1. Clean bottle, making sure it is completely dry inside, and all labels have been removed.
  2. Pour two or three of tablespoons of paint into the bottle or jar and slowly turn the jar, so the paint fully covers the inside of the bottle.
  3. Turn bottle upside down and place in an empty tin can. This allows the excess paint to dribble out into the can.
  4. Let dry over night.
  5. Using a wet cloth, wipe any excess paint from the top of the bottle.
  6. You are ready to display your new beautiful objects!




* When choosing bottles, I like ones that have some sort of pattern in the glass.  Once painted on the inside, the patterns really stand out.  Also, choose an assortment of different shapes and sizes that complement each other.

* Since paint is water soluble, if you want to add flowers you can put flower stems into a water tube.  These can be purchased at any floral store.unnamed

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