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Beach Cottage Frame dress-up

Looking for a half hour, 2 dollar project to add some beach charm to home or cottage? If yes, then this is the post for you.

By: Liesbeth

What you need

  • Wooden pine frame
  • Wood stain of your choice (pssst if you don’t have any stain, a strong brew of coffee cooled down will work just fine to stain pine in a nice hue)
  • Shells (store or beach)
  • Superglue
  • Art image of your choice (find online and print, or from a magazine or use a postcard)

What you do


Get simple untreated pine picture frame (any art store or dollar store) and stain using wood stain in your desired colour.


Create a cute pattern from the shells you have. I wanted to only have shell accents in corners so made these “shell flowers”. I got the shells at a garage sale 3 years ago for free. Hoarders rule!



Glue your shells with superglue.


Insert beach / lake / water / marine-themed picture and voila. How easy was this?


I casually displayed my frame on top of a shelf next to a sailor figurine I already had and together they make a fun little scene.


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