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Upcycled Blanket Sweater

I am a scavenger. There. I said it. And I feel no shame. I find treats, treasures, and materials where other may just see junk. And my latest acquisition is an old blanket that was put out for the trash. But I saw more in that old blanket and repurposed it into a cozy sweater. And it was easy!

By: Jodi

Materials Required:

  • old blanket
  • sewing scissors
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • straight pins


  1. First, I folded the blanket and cut it so that it would be wide enough to be a very loose fit.

img_1007 2. I then sewed the sides, leaving gaps at the top large enough for a sleeve hole. I cut a slit in the top of the fold large enough to fit my head (and a bit extra). Around the slit, I then rolled it over twice (about 1/2″ per roll) and sewed it.img_1011

3. My next step was to cut out folded pieces for sleeves that would be about 6″ longer than my arms (to allow for cuffs), then sew each sleeve. Therefore, I had only one seam per sleeve.img_1009

4. I put the sleeves at the sleeve holes and pinned them to the each other (sleeve seam at the bottom), right sides together. I then sewed around the sleeve holes, attaching the sleeves.img_1012img_1013

5. I then turned up the cuffs and sewed them all the way around. And my sweater was done! So easy. And, because I used the finished edge of the blanket for the bottom of my sweater, I didn’t even have to hem it. There, a cozy, rough-and-ready sweater. Thanks junk man!img_1015

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