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Easter Driftwood Bird Nest

How to create a nice low centrepiece for the Easter table that has some staying power? Build a nest from driftwood. Where do you find real driftwood in the early spring in Toronto? You don’t! I picked a whole bunch at the cottage last summer and this hoard just satisfied my Easter craft craving.

By: Liesbeth

Supplies / tools

  • carpenter glue
  • small driftwood pieces
  • something to put in your nest (flowers, painted eggs, I had a bunch of pale blue egg candles which looked cute and I will switch for painted hard-boiled eggs the day of the family Easter brunch.

driftwood birdnest 1

driftwood birdnest 2

driftwood birdnest 3


Well, this is a no brainer. Just pretend you are a bird with a bottle of carpenter glue. Lay your first circle with a bunch of the wood pieces and “close” the circle so the nest will be closed on the bottom. Criss-cross the pieces of driftwood in the way you like and glue them together. I would do one layer and then wait for half an hour so they would be secure before building on top of that layer.

driftwood birdnest 4


driftwood birdnest 5


driftwood birdnest 6

lay your eggs. Happy Easter!

driftwood birdnest 7




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  1. nayardt #

    Looks good!

    March 24, 2016

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