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Homemade Lego Table

We whipped up this handy little building table when our son was a busy little building boy. It was simple to make, and he has spent hours building a variety of things on this table; some taller than he was at the time!

By: Colleen Seto

Required Materials

  • a small table
  • Krazy glue (we used the gel type)
  • casters
  • screws and screw driver or drill
  • flat, large Lego pieces.
  • paint (optional)

Step One: Paint the table, if desired. Our table was an crappy old table that we had bought at Ikea years prior to this project. We just gave it a fresh coat of paint and it has lasted for years since. That cheap table is some of the best money we ever spent!

Step Two: Flip the table upside down, and attach the casters to the bottom of the legs.

Generally these are attached with screws.

IMG_0180Step Three: Right the table, and prepare the flat Lego pieces. We used four, but obviously it will depend on the size of your table. A tip: when you place these on permanently, use a few Lego pieces to line the flat pieces up properly. Use the gel Krazy glue on the back of the flat pieces to permanently attach them to the table.








Step Four: Let the glue set for the time suggested by the manufacturer, then start building!







Tip: There are a couple of ways to go about cleaning this table. If there are no pieces of Lego on the table, I just use the vacuum cleaner. If there are Lego pieces to clean around, I use a paint brush. I buy cheap paint brushes from the dollar store just to use for dusting odd things (the banjo, heat vents, etc.).Spills are best cleaned up with a sponge that will get in between the tabs.

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