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Valentine’s Day Fortune ‘Cookies’

While I may aspire to helping my kids craft all of their Valentine’s Day cards from scratch, we’re just not there.

Making a few special cards for family and friends, however — that I could do.

By: Jessica 

Pinterest inspiration drove me to these sweet little Valentine’s paper fortune cookies.   

What you need:

  • Art paper or construction paper
  • Glue gun
  • Markers or stickers
  • Pencil
  • Bowl – approx 4-5 inches in diametre
  • Scissors

 Start by tracing circles with your pencil and bowl on paper. Cut out the circles. If you’re using coloured paper (pink or red work well for this) you don’t need to decorate. I decided to use white paper and decorate my circles with small gold hearts that I coloured in myself.  Next, cut some long, thick strips of the same paper (or white paper if you used coloured paper), about 1/3 inch wide and 6-8 inches long. Write your heartfelt messages on these strips of paper and put aside.




Once your circles are decorated and your messages are written, warm up your glue gun and, folding the circle in half (undecorated side on the inside), place a small dot of glue and press edges together without folding the crease.

Next, feed a message through the fold over; then, hold the glued together edge and fold  the long edge in half using your finger to fold it over. This part is a little tricky to master but once you get the first couple done, it’s easy. Put a small dot of glue between these two folded halves and hold them for 30 seconds to dry. Trim any excess fortune tags and you’re done! 

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