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Bookcase Crates

Pokemon cards, LEGO pieces, Star Wars characters, Beanie Boos, games, mini cars….the list goes on and on!!! These were the toys that my son would leave littered all over the floor every single day. And these were the toys that I would PICK UP every single day! They needed a home, so I decided to make one! I liked the look of crates and found a few options in local stores, but I could build the same thing for a fraction of the cost, so I did!

By: Dana


  • scrap piece of pine board 12” x 4’
  • 1/4” x 8’ wooded moulding (Home Depot)
  • saw (Home Depot can cut wood down to size for you)
  • primer, spray paint
  • Nail gun and 5/8” finishing nails (or hammer and finishing nails)
  • Gorilla glue, safety goggles
  • jigsaw, drill and 1 1/2” drill bit to make crate handle openings


1) Measure the depth and height of bookcase to see how deep/high to make your crates. Cut pine boards to the depth and height of shelf space (make height approx. 1/2” shorter than height of space in between shelves).

2) Decide where you want the handle to be cut. Be sure to leave room at the top of the board to ensure the hole doesn’t go too close. Use 1 1/2” drill bit and make initial hole through the pine end piece. Then draw out the rest of the handle shape and use jigsaw to complete the oval opening (doing this a total of four times to make end pieces for two crates). This step might sound complicated but is was actually pretty easy!

Drill and 1 1/2″ drill bit




3) Cut moulding pieces to the length you want the crates to be. I wanted to have two crates that were easily able to slide in and out (so my son would actually use them!).

My boards were cut to:

Pine – 9 1/4” d x 11 3/4” h

Moulding pieces – 13 3/4” l x 1/4” d

4) Using Gorilla Glue and nail gun (or hammer and finishing nails) attach the pieces together to make a square box (the moulding pieces will lay along the top of the pine end pieces).

Nail gun and glue


5) Once dry, spray primer and then apply coats of paint to achieve desired colour (be sure to allow proper drying time in between coats). I chose to have an accent top slat, so I covered the rest of the painted crate in newspaper and painters tape so I could spray the top piece red.

Spray primer and paint


5) Insert crates into shelves and get storing!

Here are the finished products!

IMG_0382 IMG_0383

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