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A Look Back at Hallowe’ens Past

This year, we’re revisiting some of our excellent, eclectic projects from the past. Looking back at The Motherboards’ past Hallowe’en decorations and treats, we have the makings for an amazing party!

By: The Motherboards

Let’s start outside. As you approach the front door, you will have to pick your way through a gaggle of scary (but cute) miniature ghosts that are populating the front yard. Try our easy to make Ghosts-on-a-Stick!ghosts on lawn

Once you clear those ghoulish guys, you’ll reach up to knock on the door – but beware! An sinister wreath will be there to greet you. The blackbird’s eyes are piercing as you try to gain entrance into this haunted house. Scare your friends and neighbours with a Blackbird Boo Hallowe’en Wreath!themotherboards wreath3

Come in, come in. Nothing to fear here, but a tastefully decorated Hallowe’en haven. A Spooky Hallowe’en Pillow, a DIY Spider Web, and some Paper Jack o’ Lanterns come together to create an atmosphere of festive fun.unnameda



Now the only thing we have left to be afraid of is…cavities…as we indulge in some Cheerful Candy Apples.c.a. outside

Have a safe and fun Hallowe’en!

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