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Easter Table Setting | Use What You Have

There is probably nothing I find more DIY rewarding then setting a table. People get to enjoy it, it’s not around for too long and it has become a sport for me to use what I have, pulling pieces in from everywhere around the house. This post is not really about creating some special item or project. I am merely sharing how you can pick a colour scheme and create something fun with items you already have. Hopefully it inspires you to get going on your own table setting.

By: Liesbeth

For Easter, I almost always use my fake grass runner. You might have seen it before in a post from two years ago:

easter details

Last year I wanted to shake up the colour scheme so I went digging around the house. A purple table cloth became the base for the colour scheme. Combined with pinks and grass green it really became something new. I used the setting for 2 different events which were a week apart so I slightly switched things up in between (new flowers, napkins and candle holders). Beside the fresh flowers, I did not purchase anything for these settings.

easter-2015-1 easter-2015-4


I like making my own arrangements and it saves a ton. I bought some loose flowers in my colour scheme and put a few glass jars on the table. I added some green stones in the jars.


Make-it-up Decor

Every year I bring out this little rustic bunny and he always seem to fit in just fine. For this theme, I put him in a basket on top of some fake green and I stuck some little fake flowers I have had forever all around the basket. If you will look very closely at the yellow table setting featured above, you will notice that the bunny is wearing a yellow ribbon instead of a green one. It’s little things like this that can make your setting look completely custom (while all you did was swap out a little detail). If you like the bunny in the basket and want to recreate it, you could probably find all these things at a dollar store or Michaels.


Even the Food can Join the Colour Scheme

A bunch of cookies is always fun to make for guests. My son loves mixing up the food colouring in the kitchen to get the perfect icing to match our table setting. We made our cookies in fun Easter/Spring shapes.



The LCBO magazine featured a mouthwatering mushroom salad (lot of work but was soooooo worth it) which was not only delish but looked so pretty on the table.


Happy Easter and get colourful everyone!

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