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Easter Table Setting | Use What You Have

There is probably nothing I find more DIY rewarding then setting a table. People get to enjoy it, it’s not around for too long and it has become a sport for me to use what I have, pulling pieces in from everywhere around the house. This post is not really about creating some special item or project. I am merely sharing how you can pick a colour scheme and create something fun with items you already have. Hopefully it inspires you to get going on your own table setting.

By: Liesbeth Read more

Grass Runner Easter Table Setting | Easter Decor

At Easter, the garden is where it’s at. It’s where bunnies drop eggs and chicks roam free. Bring the garden inside for this festive table setting. This Easter table setting takes minutes to assemble (I opted to outsource to my 2-year old) and will delight all! Just keep your dog off the table.

While Christmas, in my eyes, is always a fine balance between classy and multi-colored tackiness, the traditional Easter colors of white, yellow and grass green can’t go wrong. To add some punch, you could definitely add one more color to this setting. Imagine a tangerine orange or poppy red (very 2013), a hot pink or traditional purple! Up to you. I kept it clean for this one. The key to a nice setting is to stick to your color scheme. Look around in your cupboards and basement and use baskets and bowls that fit the theme in color and texture. Read more