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Easy Paint Upcycle | DIY Design

Think twice before you throw things into the garbage or recycling – it’s amazing what a little paint can do!

By: Kimberly

I sometimes have a hard time throwing things away if it seems like they might come in useful again one day. I’m not a hoarder by any means, but I do sometimes end up with cupboards full of “junk” and at some point I either have to finally do something with it or move it along to the trash. After cleaning out my office over the holidays, I came across these two items which had been buried sitting on my desk for a few months. So it was now or never.

The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0001

The wooden box that once housed a toy set for Robin and a sturdy tin that once stored cocoa powder.

The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0002

I decided to use spray paint for the tin which I knew would have a glossy finish and I guessed would probably stick better than primer. I used Benjamine Moore primer for the wooden box. Both I already had in the house from previous projects. The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0003

Each required two coats of primer with an hour or so of drying time in between.

The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0004

Next, I used masking tape and washi tape to create stripes. I just went with a random pattern.The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0005

I used Benjamin Moore The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0006

Ta da! The paint did bleed slightly on the wooden box (I think painters tape would work better than masking tape if you want perfect stripes). But I don’t mind the bleeding – up close, it actually looks intentional and kind of cool.The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0007

Now what to do with these new knick knacks!?!The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0008 The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0009 The Motherboards Painted Stripes_0010

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  1. Love the reuse of the magnetic doll box. Just got these for a road trip, and I can’t bring myself to throwing them out!! Love it!

    January 21, 2014

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