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Valentine’s Day Centrepiece | DIY Decor

Set your heart a flutter with this pretty, do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day centrepiece.

I finally tore down the Christmas gallery in our dining room and I’ve started working on some Valentine’s Day decor. We’re heading down south on holiday next week, so I was glad to get this done early – we’ll return from the beach ready to bake heart-shaped cookies and sign Valentine’s Day cards!

By: Kimberly

The Motherboards Valentine's Day_0001

You will need:

  • A vase (mine is a recent purchase from Chapters. It was part of their holiday/winter collection and I snagged it on clearance at the beginning of the month.)
  • Sticks or branches (I used leftover dogwood from Christmas)
  • fishing line or craft thread
  • white or coloured beads
  • construction paper or other coloured paper
  • scissors and hole punch

Step 1: fold paper in quarters and cut out hearts (I preferred to make different sizes, or you could go with the same size for all of them)

The Motherboards Valentine's Day_0002 The Motherboards Valentine's Day_0003

Use your hole punch to punch out holes in the hearts. The Motherboards Valentine's Day_0004

String through the fishing line or craft thread and add a few beads.

The Motherboards Valentine's Day_0005Tie with with a knot.

Arrange branches in vase (I had to trim some of mine down). Hang the hearts. You may need to make a few more depending on how it looks.

The Motherboards Valentine's Day_0007The Motherboards Valentine's Day_0006I plan on keeping this on the kitchen table. However it will probably get moved to the sideboard or an end table in the living room during meal times.

The Motherboards Valentine's Day_0008

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