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DIY Headband & Accessory Organizer

This is a great way to organize and display your baby or little girl’s adorable accessories (headbands, necklaces, bracelets, hair ties, etc.). There are so many ways you could personalize this DIY project using whatever you have on hand!

Submitted by: Shalini Tan

I had a baby girl (Julia) in December and did not realise how many accessories baby girls can accumulate. I needed to find a way to organize Julia’s accessories. After browsing the internet, I was inspired to make something, using materials I already had at home.

Total Time required: 20 minutes + time for glue to dry (I would recommend an hour) 

Working Time required: 20 minutes. Someone who crafts a lot more may take less time.

Project Costs: $0. I used materials I already had at home. I would estimate less than $5 for materials.

Materials & Tools Required:

  • Tin can that is big enough to hold headbands (lid optional- I prefer something with a lid so I can use the inside for additional storage).
  • Scissors, felt, fabric, wrapping paper etc. (anything that can be used to cover a can
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • ribbon or other decorations (if desired)



1. Wipe inside and outside of can with a damp paper towel to remove any bread crumb remnants

2. Measure felt to cover the circumference of the can

3. Cut felt

4. Measure ribbon to cover the top and bottom rims of the can and  any seams. Cut Ribbon.

5. Glue felt to can

6. Glue ribbon to felt

7. Use any extra felt to make decorations, if desired. I cut a little heart and glued it to the lid.

Shalini is mom to a very busy 2-year old boy and baby girl. When she’s not running after a toddler, holding a baby or baking yummy treats, you might find her blogging.

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