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Socktopus & Matching Card

16-year old Kaitlyn made this super cute and super fast little gift for Valentine’s day for her 2-year-old baby brother — but it’s perfect for any gifting occasion.

How long does it take to make this project? 1/2 hour

How much did it cost me? Nothing. An old sock, some thread and eyes off an old stuffie. For the card, white and colored paper.

What do you need?

An old sock

Stuffing or any old fabric works as stuffing

Eyes of an old stuffie and hot glue to glue them on the sock. Alternative options are to sew on felt eyes or to stitch on some eyes with a thicker cotton thread.

Thread for the neck of the Octopus. Alternatively, you can simply stitch the Octopus closed, but Kaithlyn creatively used a complementing but contrasting color here (the turquoise blue) and have that come back as the main color in the card.

For the card you just need some white paper and the colored paper of your choice for the squares (she did turquoise), paper glue and scissors.


Socktopus: stuff sock to shape head. Tie off by wrapping colorful thread multiple times around the sock. Cut multiple tentacles with a set of sharp fabric scissors. Glue on eyes with hotglue. Done!

Octopus Card: cut 8 equal squares from the colored paper and glue on white paper. Separately draw octopus on white paper (Kaitlyn free-styled it ). Outline twice with markers (black and red) and then cut out your octopus and glue it on top of the card with the coloured squares.

Creatively came full circle when Kaitlyn added the following message on the back of the card: CAN’T WAIT TO WRAP MY ARMS AROUND YOU!

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