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Posts tagged ‘Scrapbooking’

Make your own customizable art | Easy DIY Kids Nursery Art

When we were having our first child we looked around for inspiration for artwork. We didn’t know the baby’s sex, so we didn’t want to pigeon-hole ourselves with something too sweet or too boyish. At the time, scrapbooking was pretty huge and I LOVED all of the patterns available. So I came up with this idea for ABC art. This artwork is easily customizable to match the decor of your child’s room by simply picking scrapbook paper that matches your colour scheme.

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Cupcake Toppers & Gift Tags | Pumpkin Birthday Party

Robin’s birthday is in October, so when we celebrated her first birthday (2 years ago!) I loved the idea of a pumpkin-themed party. Once I got going, it ended up being SO easy to make decorations inspired by autumn and pumpkins and to tie everything together using various shades of orange, brown, yellow and green. Although I had to spend a little money for some essential items (colourful paper, pumpkin press, etc.), I’ve been able to re-use these supplies each year.

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