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Posts tagged ‘Scrapbook paper’

Horse Crazy | Birthday Invitations

My daughter is turning eight in a few days, and for her upcoming birthday party we made horse-themed invitations. Why? Because she is horse CRAZY! Where she learned this from, I have no idea. None of her other friends seemed to be inflicted. These invitations are super cute and so easy to make a child can put them together!

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Gay Paris | Vacation inspired art!

One of my more memorable vacations was our amazing trip to Paris when our daughter was just six months old. She was young enough to nap a lot and when she was awake she happily played with her toys in the stroller. The best part? Parents with young children get to skip the line at museums! When we got back I was inspired enough to create two pieces for her room from our trip using just a couple of Ikea frames, a few sheets of scrap book paper and some acrylic paint!

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