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Posts tagged ‘Organization’

Under-the-sink Shelf

In a previous post, I told you about my big bathroom cabinet redo. I was quite proud but, looking under the sink, I realized something was missing. A jumbled mess of junk had collected in the cabinet and I knew, while foraging through the mess, that my life would be so much easier with the addition of a shelf. Time for my next project! Now I just have to tackle my kitchen cabinet.

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DIY Jewelry Organizer

A favorite gift of mine (to give and receive!) is jewelry. Now, I’m not really a fine jewelry person. In fact, the only pieces of fine jewelry I own are my wedding ring and my engagement ring, and the necklace my husband gave to me as a gift on our wedding day. My husband knows that I change my jewelry as often as the the weather changes in Franklin (read: often. also read: it’s happening this week).

To keep up with the shifting jewelry winds in my world, I discovered recently that I was just throwing these bobbles about to and fro with no real “home” in mind for them. Thus, I determined that it was time for a jewelry solution, especially for my earrings. The result? A fantastic, do-it-yourself jewelry organizer that was super-duper easy to make!

Submitted by: Ronda Waters

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Christmas Card Display

Every year I struggle to decide where to put Christmas cards. Our mantel is full of Christmassy stuff (see below) and they fall off there with a slight breeze. Every time someone walks by, there’s a massive Christmas card collapse. I researched a lot of options and looked at a lot of original ideas (also see below), but, upon looking through my “stuff” downstairs, I found this frame and decided to do a basic seasonal display. And I actually found 5 of these frames, so I can display more than 3 cards (so send me cards, friends)!

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All Foodies Go to Spice Heaven | DIY Spice Drawer

My friend Alice is a huge foodie. She always has a story about a delicious dish she has just “whipped up.” Alice’s love of cooking started at an early age. She told me that she used to make one meal a week for her family. On one occasion she made an orange sorbet and served it in hollowed-out oranges. Did I mention she was 12 at the time? Here she shares her wonderfully organized spice drawer she created, which optimizes her kitchen space while providing every spice she needs to create her wonderful dishes.

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