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Mudroom Shoe Organizer

Four kids, each with multiple pairs of shoes/boots/crocs/sandals = a VERY messy mudroom.  In order to keep my sanity, I needed to find a home for all these shoes, rather than have them splayed out all over my main floor!

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T-shirt Revamp

In my last post, I suggested some ideas for reworking old cards.  I also have a lot of T-shirts that I can’t get rid of. What can I say….I am a sentimentalist! There are cutie little t-shirts that the kids grew out of, souvenir t-shirts from a great vacation…you get the idea. And so today I present a couple of options for reusing t-shirts.

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DIY Dollhouse

Here’s a rainy day activity that occupied both my toddler and my 6-year-old. There’s painting, taping and, best of all, playing involved! It’s a simple way to make your own plastics-free dollhouse. And all you need is a cardboard box (full disclosure – we used a wine box. Don’t judge).

By: Jodi

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Beautiful Bird Mobile | Baby’s Nursery

Becoming an aunt inspired Laura to create something lovely for the baby’s nursery. Now her niece can fall asleep to the vision of these beautiful birds.

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