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Father’s Day Tie Shirts

This is a project that I worked on last year, that I thought would be great to share before Father’s Day arrived again this year. I had been seeing these little tie shirts pop up everywhere on Pinterest, and Facebook; usually on baby onesies, but I thought the idea was very applicable to any size kid’s shirt. Also, very applicable to Father’s Day. I couldn’t resist making them for my kids (and their daddy).

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8 things to sew for kids in 2015!

The holidays are over, and all you fellow DIY’ers have given out all your lovely handmade gifts. So why not move on to thinking about a few projects for the new year?

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A Skirt for the Ages | Simple Sewing

My 2-year-old is suddenly all about skirts. Skirts, skirts, skirts! She needs a skirt to dance around the living room and she needs a skirt to play trains in. I decided to whip up this simple faux-wrap skirt to add to her ever-growing skirt repertoire and realized that this very easy project can be modified to any size of skirt-wearer. Skirts!

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Sweater Saver | DIY Tailoring

Last week, it got REALLY cold. It was time to take out the heavy, woollen sweater and get warm. But, when I took it down from the top shelf, it appeared that the moths had had a party and my sweater was the buffet. No! I vowed that those little pests would not defeat me and I would stay warm, so I went to work.

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