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Posts from the ‘Kids’ Fun’ Category

Eggshells For the Garden DIY

My kids can’t say no to this activity. When they are being little homebodies and refusing to get outside, I pull out our stash of eggshells (we keep them under the kitchen sink) and declare that it is egg crushing time!

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So Easy! Multipurpose Christmas Decor

‘Tis the season, to be crafty….fa la la la la……la!

Buying retail? You don’t hafty….fa la la…..oops, sorry….I’m getting off track. It must be the spirit of the holidays sparking my creativity in more ways than one. I’ll stick to the crafts!

By: Alison

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Doll blanket and pillow

My daughter has a little doll bed on her wish list.  I’m holding out until her birthday before buying her any new toys. There are so many toys in our life and in our home we don’t need any coming in “just because.” However, that doesn’t mean I can’t sew a few accessories for it in anticipation of the little bed’s arrival – right?

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Soft Bike Basket

Spring is here and it’s time to get outside and get active. My little one is learning how to ride a balance bike, and part of the fun of getting your first bike is kitting it out with all the bells and whistles (literally). Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of little boy accessories, so I promised him I would make him his own little basket so all his stuffies and toy cars can go for a ride, too.

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