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So Easy! Multipurpose Christmas Decor

‘Tis the season, to be crafty….fa la la la la……la!

Buying retail? You don’t hafty….fa la la…..oops, sorry….I’m getting off track. It must be the spirit of the holidays sparking my creativity in more ways than one. I’ll stick to the crafts!

By: Alison

I worked as a student Child and Youth Worker in a special needs classroom last year, and arts was a very important part of our daily routine. The kids enjoyed this project particularly, as it is easy enough for most anyone to do, perhaps with a little help. But more importantly….it’s messy and sticky and so much fun! The results are nothing short of stunning. These creations can be given as gifts, as well as used to create a beautiful setting in your own home.


By: Ally Smith


  • Balloons of assorted sizes
  • Yarn or Hemp of desired colours
  • Elmer’s Glue for messiness and fun factor
  • Plastic or vinyl tablecloth
  • Battery operated candles, glitter or other items as desired
  • A container such as an old margarine tub for holding the glue

Time Needed: As long as you like for creation.  24 hours to allow for full drying.

To begin, make sure to cover your workspace with the tablecloth. Pour glue into the container and cut yarn into pieces according to desired size. If creating large balls using regular sized balloons, 3-4′ lengths work well. For smaller balls as shown above, 1′ lengths are fine. Blow up and tie off balloons in assorted sizes and shapes.

The following picture sequence, shows the simple start and finish of this project. Begin by dipping the lengths of yarn into the glue, squeezing out any excess, but leaving enough to be sure that the yarn will stick well and hold it’s shape after drying.

Begin to wrap the yarn around the balloon, zig-zagging your way around the entire shape. See below.


The balls shown above are good examples of how to leave space enough to add the lights. You could hang with opening on top and place a battery operated tea light in the bottom, for a safe and really easy lantern.

Look at these lovely variations!




As you can see, various sizes and amount of yarn used makes for very different and unique creations.

When the desired amount of yarn has been added, hang balloon to dry by the tied end, over a curtain rod or other rig. The balloons will eventually begin to deflate and whenever the yarn has completely dried, pop balloon if necessary to pull it out of its new and beautiful shell.

Add glitter, or anything else you or the kids desire. The possibilities are endless!

Hang on the tree, from the ceiling, or make a garland with your existing lighting. Whatever style, size, colour or use you choose, have fun!  These make for excellent handmade gifts and I already know some folks on my list who’ll be receiving some!



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