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Tweens! Learn to DIY for FREE in this 4-week course.

North York Library is hosting Reuse, Recycle, Revamp, which teaches tweens (9 – 12) to create cool new room decor, accessories, and items of clothing from items they may have around the house. Register ASAP at 416-395-5630 for this 4-week program, running Mondays 4 – 5pm, November 7 to 28.

Tweens will learn some new skills each week and find out more about creating on a budget while saving the environment!

Week 1 – Revamp Your Room: An introduction to the fun and good citizenship of recycling materials to create fantastic decor. Create switch plate/outlet cover designs and no-sew cushion covers.

Week 2 – Revamp Your Accessories: Learn some basic sewing and then design a produce a “magazine” purse, tote, or change purse.

Week 3 – Revamp Your Fashion: A discussion and demonstration of sew and no-sew ways to upcycle your clothing. Modify a piece of clothing to breathe new life into it.

Week 4 – Revamp Roundup: Summary of a number of options that are available for revamping. Demonstrate some simple DIY holiday decorations. Complete projects from previous weeks.

This course is a great way for tweens to learn new skills, gain some responsibility for themselves and the world around them, and create fabulous gifts on a budget!

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