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Flower Arrangement DIY

Another fantastic entry by a fellow blog queen – this time, Anne from The City Sage.  The City Sage was named a must-read by Martha Stewart Living so we are excited to be able to feature her project!

As our nutty Canadian weather keeps us guessing whether it’s still winter, or already summer, or maybe back to spring – keeping fresh flowers in the house at ALL TIMES, is something we give the thumbs up to.

Submitted by: Anne Sage

As we move from spring into summer, Anne is increasingly determined to have fresh flowers in the house at all times. Even if it’s just a single sprig by the kitchen sink, the sight of greenery and blossoms is so cheerful. Anne is blessed to have citrus trees in the courtyard of her apartment complex, so she has been incorporating those into her bouquets. For the rest of us, flower store or garden center it is.

Kumquat tree

Anne has been steadily building a collection of ceramic containers, and this Honeycomb Vase from the Threshold line at Target is the latest addition to her family. It’s that just-right shade of white and sits in the ‘not too modern, not too traditional’ camp. And yes, we can now get these in Canada!!!  Alternatively you can scour your pantry for something similar, go shopping, or go bargain hunting at houseware treasure grounds like Value Village.

With her lovely vase acquired, Anne recently did an easy bouquet with flowers she picked up at the grocery store and kumquat branches from her yard.

Time Required: 10-15 minutes (excluding your vase hunt)

Project Costs: from $15 (existing vase or one from a thrift store) to $50 (if your vase is more expensive)

Target white ceramic flower vase

There are three tricks to getting a successful arrangement at home. First, keep your flowers simple. Don’t choose too many different colors, shapes, and textures. Secondly, it helps to have a container that corrals the stems into place. The tall, narrow mouth of the vase was key in this case.

Target flower vase spring flower arrangement DIY

And finally, don’t stress! Start with a clean workspace, spread everything out in front of you, and keep tucking stems into the arrangement until you’ve achieved a look you’re happy with. The goal is to create something that feels like it grew right from the vase. Let a pretty container, a bounty of gorgeous blooms, and a bright spring day do the talking for you, and you can’t go wrong!

Images: Thanks to Joanna Hawley of Jojotastic for shooting these photos.

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  1. I love Anne and her flowers 🙂

    June 11, 2013

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