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Holiday Paper Garland

Are the kids getting a bit antsy for Christmas? Here’s a perfect way to occupy them and create a lovely seasonal decoration. This a fun and easy way to add holiday colour to your tree or mantel or the wall of a kids’ room.

By: Steph White


1.  Choose a selection of different coloured construction paper.  In this case we used white, red and green.unnamed-2
2.  Using a 3″ circle paper punch.  Cut out circles in all three colours.  For a ten foot long garland, you will require approximately 50 circles.

3.  Once circles are cut out, arrange them in order.  In this case; red, white, green, red, white, green, etc.

4.  Set up your sewing machine to a standard straight stitch setting and start to sew a line through the centre of the paper circles, feeding the circles in one by one, leaving no space between each circle.  Make sure to sew a line through
the centre of the circle (not off to either side)

5.  Once you have sewn all the circles together, snip the strand of thread on either side of the garland.  When hanging the garland, you can either drape it over a tree, across a mantel or mirror or tape it up on a wall.unnamed-1

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