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Hallway Intervention | How to Dress Up Your Radiator

Our front hallway was an eyesore. It’s not very big, and quickly our ugly brown radiator became a catch all for junk; from wet winter boot liners in the winter to garden gloves, and running shoes in the summer. It needed some sprucing up, and I needed some cheering up. I had been to a friend’s house where she had painted her radiators pink in her daughter’s room and I was immediately inspired. Who says the radiator had to stay the builder brown that it had been since the house was built in 1910?

By: Janet New

I have some retro-looking yellow metal stools (from Target), that you immediately see when you walk in the house so I chose a yellow that matched for my radiator. Speaking with my contractor, he said the Tremclad Rust Paint would be fine for the radiator as it doesn’t get too hot.


Let me share a tip with you. Don’t use spray paint like I did to start. I have never used spray paint, and according to the staff at Home Depot the paint wouldn’t spread more than 12 inches. Boy, were they wrong. I taped off the area two foot area around just to be safe, and while I was spraying it looked pretty good however when I went to clean up I noticed that my wood floor did not look as shiny as it used to. I then discovered to my horror that the yellow spray paint had indeed spread! About 6-8 feet in fact. I spent the next hour vigorously cleaning the walls and floor with varsol. I went back to Home Depot and got the can of paint and applied the next two coats with a brush. All together I applied three coats with a 24 hour drying period between coats.

I then topped it off with an Ikea Lack wall shelf (which I had to cut a bit to fit around the door frame. But I think the result looks amazing!





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