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Jean bottom pencil case

Back to school! Time to whip up a quick pencil case with some of the clothes the kids have grown out of from last school year.

By: Colleen Seto


I made this pencil case out of the bottoms of some jeans that I had cut into shorts. I left the flat fell stitching of the jean seams for decoration.

Required Materials

  • left over denim (or any other fabric)
  • zipper (7 or 9 inches)
  • thread
  • sewing machine


Step 1.  Open legs up by cutting along seam


Step 2. Mark out a square or rectangle (depending on desired outcome) on fabric. Make sure that you measure your largest object that will be going into the case. For example, a ruler for a pencil case, or a make-up brush if you are making a cosmetics case. I made my rectangle about 9 1/2″ by 11″. 2015-08-24_13-42-57_316

Step 3. After you have marked a square on each leg, cut out the two squares.


Step 4. Baste the squares together at the top of the case. If the case is longer than the zipper, sew beyond the zipper with smaller stitches.



Step 5. Press seam open. Lay zipper on wrong side of fabric, over seam. Sew one side of zipper, aligning centre of zipper with centre of seam.


Step 6. Remove basting stitches. Open zipper before sewing the rest of the case.


Step 7. Place both sides of case together, wrong side of fabric to the outside. Sew down both sides and across bottom, until both sides of case are sewn together. You could stop here and have a flat case, or…

Step 8.  Fold seams together, creating a triangle in the bottom corners.


Mark a line across the corner which is perpendicular to the seam. Sew across the line, then trim the excess.

This will make your bag a triangular prism. Because my bag was so big, and there was a lot of excess fabric beyond the zipper, I did this to all four corners, creating a rectangular prism. There will be a lot of room for all those grade seven necessities!




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