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Upcycle: From Old Mirror to Kitchen Organization Center

It all started with an old mirror that had been hanging around in my basement patiently awaiting my inspiration to arise. And it eventually did. I was getting tired of the loose pens, coupons and overflowing pinboard in my kitchen and the frame of this mirror was the perfect size to create something new.

By: Liesbeth

I am proud to say this was created for $0, the reward for my DIY-scraps hoarding tendency.


I removed the mirror from the frame and cut my old corkboard to the correct width of the mirror frame. I did not want my pinboard to show the cork so I used a piece of great tweed wool fabric and stretched it over the backing of the corkboard. I actually used mini screws to secure the fabric on the back in multiple places as it needs to be very snug. A staple gun would be easier of course 😉 You could try hot glue too I guess but I am not sure if you can really get a good tight stretch like that.

themotherboardspinboard3 themotherboardspinboard4

I also used a piece of wood to separate the pinboard portion on the top of my center from the bottom section. For the bottom I used an old small wooden box I had (if you don’t have something like that, try the dollar store or browse Goodwill) which I thought would be perfect for pens and coupons and a small blackboard I already had too (small blackboards can be found in Dollarama or Michaels or any other craft store – alternatively you can paint straight onto the wall using blackboard paint).


I wanted this centre to be minimalistic and really blend into the walls and I still had some leftover paint from my kitchen walls for touch-ups. I painted everything in this color and varnished it afterwards.


I ‘McGyvered’ this all to the wall with screws to avoid having a wiggly organization center and voila! I am so organized now it’s sickening.


I hope I have inspired you to make your own. And there is no need to make it exactly the way I did. Just think what works for you and what you have available and go from there; creating spaces for pens, coupons, blackboard, pinboard, whiteboard, built-in photo frame, etc.





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  1. This is such a fantastic idea! I must try this one 😀

    August 18, 2015

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