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Tooth Fairy Pillow

We’ve got our first wobbly tooth in our house. Now, when I say wobbly, it is only ever so slightly wobbly, but my son is proud nonetheless. I think we are a few weeks away from it actually falling out for good, but he can’t wait to join his peers in the toothless club.

By: Mandia

Supplies needed:

  • 2 fat quarters of white fabric
  • 2 buttons (for the eyes)
  • scrap of pink or red fabric (for the mouth)
  • thread in coordinating colours
  • small amount of stuffing
  • approx. cost of project: $5

Last night I whipped up this little pillow friend to give to my son when the big day actually arrives. Now, I have seen tooth fairy pillows around craft shows and the like before, but they were usually rectangle and had some kind of feminine embroidery or ruffled lace on them.

This is my take on something that would be fun for kids of all (tooth-losing) ages, both genders.

This little guy’s mouth is a pocket. When the tooth falls out, you put the tooth in the pocket. When the tooth fairy comes, she takes the tooth away and leaves the money in the pocket.

Fun, right?

Wanna make one?

This sews up just like a regular pillow – apart from the addition of the decorations.

  1. Trace a tooth shape onto a piece of paper.
  2. Once you have your shape and then trace it onto two layers of fabric.
  3. Cut your fabric to match your tooth shape.
  4. Cut a shape for the mouth. Be sure to make it large enough to hold the coins from the tooth fairy.
  5. Take your front piece of fabric and sew the mouth on. Don’t forget to leave the top side open – and back stitch at the mouth corners to keep the mouth strong when little fingers reach in and out.
  6. Sew on the button eyes.
  7. Once the front of your tooth is decorated pin your two white tooth pieces right sides together (so the eyes and mouth will be inside – for now).
  8. Stitch around the edges of the pillow leaving an opening to turn the pillow right side out, and stuff. I left about 2 inches, on the straight side of the tooth.
  9. Turn your pillow right side out.
  10. Stuff your pillow. I used some stuffing from an old pillow that I had hanging around the house – but you can also buy stuffing from your local fabric store.
  11. Once your pillow is stuffed, hand stitch the side shut.

And you’re done!

Now, enjoy this special first with your child.

First tooth

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