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Father’s Day Tie Shirts

This is a project that I worked on last year, that I thought would be great to share before Father’s Day arrived again this year. I had been seeing these little tie shirts pop up everywhere on Pinterest, and Facebook; usually on baby onesies, but I thought the idea was very applicable to any size kid’s shirt. Also, very applicable to Father’s Day. I couldn’t resist making them for my kids (and their daddy).

By: Mandia

Supplies Needed:

  • plain t-shirt
  • Scraps of fabric – to be used for the tie
  • Interfacing
  • pins
  • thread

Before the day arrived, I let each of my kids choose the fabric they wanted their tie to be made of, in hopes that it would make them more willing to wear it when Father’s Day arrived. Thankfully, I was right.

These are super easy to make, if you have a sewing machine, and can manage a zig zag stitch.

  • Since my drawing skills are pretty lousy, I did a google search for an illustrated or hand-drawn tie. I then enlarged it, and printed it as my stencil.
  • I traced it on to my piece of fabric, and then cut it out.
  • I wanted the tie to to be a little bit stiff (one: to make it easier to sew, and two: to stay straight when the kids wear them) so I ironed a little interfacing on to the back of it.
  • I then measured to find the middle of my t-shirts, and placed the tie on the shirt.
  • You can either pin it or use some two-sided interfacing to hold the tie in place.
  • Then, zig zag around using a tight stitch.

Easy peasy. Right?

In hindsight, if I was doing these again I may try to cut the pieces of fabric for the knot and the tie separately to add a little more interest and to make it look a little more authentic, but they served their purpose very well.

fathers day ties

We let Daddy sleep in on his special day, and the kids, put the shirts on before he woke up – so he could enjoy a chuckle. They were just so cute, and so proud of their little surprise.

After breakfast, we took a family hike along the beautiful Doncaster River, with the “fancy” kids in ties.

fathers day ties2

Hope you all enjoy a great Daddy’s day again this year.

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