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Freshen up your porch for Spring! | DIY Spring Planter

Say goodbye to your brown, dried out holiday planter! Freshen up your porch with a “springtime” planter to hold you over until the warm weather and planting season arrives.

After a very long, quite cold, rather miserable, dragged-out winter, (including a March that only saw one – maybe two – days above 5 degrees) my “Christmas” planter had to go. Asap. Read more

Springtime Cupcakes

Robin, my 2.5-year old,  is head-over-heels in love with cupcakes these days. For her, the second best thing to eating a cupcake is to watch a video of herself eating a cupcake. So lately, it has been my go-to choice for a dessert if I need to make one. I just can’t resist how excited she gets over them.

That said, I needed a dessert for a family dinner party this past weekend and, with both Easter and Spring in mind,  I loved the idea of impressing everyone with something a little more exciting than my usual “swirl” icing (pretty, but always my go-to), or worse, my slathered-on-with-a-knife-and-covered-with-sprinkles technique. There are TONS of awesome and impressive ideas for decorating cupcakes out there. But as cute as the bunnies, eggs and chicks are, I was short on time (and talent for that matter) so I needed something I could do fairly quickly, without having to watch any new icing technique tutorials.

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