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4 Basic Tricks of the Trade | Sewing Pillows

I was so tired of this winter and even more tired of my unfinished living room. We’ve been in our house 3 years now and our living room is the first thing you see when you enter. It just needed a little push to bring it from boring to I’m-not-embarrassed-to-open-my-front-door-anymore! I started with pillows for the couch. I thought I would share in this post a few of the sewing tips I have learned over the years.

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Christmas Card Display

Every year I struggle to decide where to put Christmas cards. Our mantel is full of Christmassy stuff (see below) and they fall off there with a slight breeze. Every time someone walks by, there’s a massive Christmas card collapse. I researched a lot of options and looked at a lot of original ideas (also see below), but, upon looking through my “stuff” downstairs, I found this frame and decided to do a basic seasonal display. And I actually found 5 of these frames, so I can display more than 3 cards (so send me cards, friends)!

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Black Bird Boo | Halloween Wreath DIY

Halloween. Dangling glow-in-the-dark skulls and cut-of limbs hanging from the mailbox. It’s a classy holiday indeed. For those who want to create some decor that’s a bit more subtle, this Black Bird Wreath is the way to go.

This is another simple craft that we can all manage and won’t break the bank. We are talking 15 minutes of work (and one hour drying time). You won’t need any tools so we could not make this any easier.

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